Small, Smart Range


This thoughtfully orchestrated modern design seamlessly connects the outside with the inside, inviting its surroundings to step inside the house through its generous glass doors. Relaxing in an open kitchen, dining, lounge area, or chilling out in the patio, soaking up the sun, makes this house a home. With three guests and one master bedroom, it offers plenty of space for everyone.

Kurow Factsheet (PDF)


With the strong contrast between the two colours of the fa├žade, this modern design encompasses everything that a home should have and much more. A lounge area with a replace surrounded by two paved patios gives the sense of spaciousness, smoothly bringing the outdoors inside, connecting it to the dining room and kitchen unobtrusively. One master, three bedrooms and a garage show that this is the house, which will always have a sense of quality and a place in the future.

Franz Factsheet (PDF)