T Peterson & V Millhouse

We chose to build our first home with Woodhams Builders from a recommendation from family. Being a young couple and the fact we had booked a trip to Europe for 2 months, meant we had a tight budget to work within, and possible problems and complications being in another country during the building process. Jason was a fantastic person to work with and a very organised and capable project manager. The whole building process happened so quickly and smoothly, and combined with some fortunate weather we moved into our new home just 18 weeks after the first hole was dug.

He has some great contacts and contractors who really care about their work, like him. Any issues that arose were quickly ironed out and taken care off. One of the many examples of this was when the tiler noticed the tiles he was laying in the kitchen had slightly crooked edges. He told Jason “they don’t look too bad but I wouldn’t put them in my home, so I won’t put them in this one”. Jason then promptly rang us and organised a time for us to pop in and re-select a similar tile from the same place (at a discounted price), and the tiler then laid them within 24 hours of laying the original ones.

Jason was always happy to suggest things which may look good in our home, save money, or were better quality, but always left the final decision to us. Jason helped us pick out everything before we left on our trip and we felt completely confident leaving our dream house in Jason’s hands while we were away. When we went away the house and roof was only framed, and when we returned 9 weeks later the house was only a couple of weeks off completion. Jason made the whole building process for us an absolute stress-free, and enjoyable experience. We have many jealous friends who envied our dream experience compared with their horror ordeals.

With Jason’s professionalism and experience and the little personal touches he puts into the process we could not recommend Jason enough!